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@ChaosSkeleton @FirstProgenitor mika and his cronies are riding very loud motorcycles around my house, holding broomsticks threateningly in my direction


I'll take that support week

"But, you'll have two support week in a row!"

And 700$ on my paycheck

"Wow, Nekros you just think of the money huh?"

why the fuck are you working???

Someone just said "au jour d'aujourd'hui" which is like saying "To the day of to the day of this day"

[Meticulous crafted joke with clever punchline]

I am laughing, respectfully :)

[Video zoom in on a characters face, replace the sound of them gasping in surprise with a loud bass boop noise]


real proud of my necropolis online domain. It's a good name.

Thinking out loud about mastodon alternatives 

This morning in bed I was half asleep and thinking about making a Golang fediverse server called something like GotoPub.

My wishlist:

1. Nice interface similar to mastodon (streaming etc)
2. Actual proper dm functionality that would use something end to end encrypted as a backend (connect to a synapse/matrix server?)
3. Fast
4. Easily scalable
5. Local only posts (my god)
6. Proper blocking functionality
7. Opt-in federation ('this instance would like to federate with you, do you accept?')

Did I miss anything?

Fellow tech people: do you reckon it's still a reasonable solution to use something like postgres for storage of toots and metadata, or would you use something else?

les space narines peuvent respirer dans le vide de l'espace

Opening a new account called Bureau Of Meme Approval where you send in your memes to make them officialy approved

Ms. Raider Forhonor is a A+ tier scary-waifu. A waifear, if you will.

dont message me unless you also send along photographic ID so i can make sure it's you

my opinions are always correct, you can tell because of the :verified: thing

Sometimes I listen to a song because I feel like its being left out

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I personify stuff way too much lmfao, I hesitated to replace the angry skeleton image on my instance because I thought it'd make it sad

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