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@pinkosock @ChaosSkeleton yeah the UBC is like that, it's real fucking sad. they have a fund for donating to political campaigns and their rules say the money goes to whichever candidate says they like unions more, regardless of their other positions.

this has also led to a tragically reactionary member base

@ChaosSkeleton here it was called Junior, despite (or maybe really because of) Piccolo being an italian word already lol

it's hard to explain how some names sound very cringe in french. Like Voldemort. It's a pretty terrible name, with a very vague meaning. Flying Death? Flight Of Death? Dead Robbery? What are you trying to say JK?

this is better than Rock The Dragon honestly, maybe I'm biased. It's just more funky.

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Piccolo Dragon Balls' name in french is "Satan Little Heart" and I think about it regularly. (it's not the case in the manga tho, at least the version that I have)

don't know what the big voice is saying tho. Pump the dragon? Pop the dragon? Fuck the dragon? Hard to say

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my favorite thing that happens on this website is i make a shitpost about something communist and then a bunch of lib anarchists start boosting the shit out of it while having "tankies dni" in their bio


The weed I got yesterday gives a high that feels more like a sharp needle in my brain than anything else. I don't like it much. Should have gone with an indica.

sure could go for some dictatorship of the proletariat right about now

@ChaosSkeleton I'm pretty sure that's a union wide rule lol
we're for the complete abolition of the wage system and the subjugation of the owning class to a union of all workers, but we're not commies! we're not authoritarian!

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