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scorned Atheist invents a new type of protestantism that is reportedly "Worse than calvinism" -- Beyond Fucked - Theres Never seen anything like this.

now that I think back to it when I was on edgy goth tumblr back in like idk 2015?? 16??? I have seen the satanist to fascist pipeline happening way too often

Lewd Demonic furry art, girldick 

😈 All those LHP dickwads wish they had a dick this thick. Boost to make a satanist cry.

Judas you didn't have to kiss my boy JC you extra little bitch lol.

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imagine replying to a vent post and being told to fuck off and thinking that means the person wants to debate you

Command & Conquer 2 was a very good game with cool FMVs and James Earl Jone

"But Nekros, I don't think Kane is a communist"

Yeah? Then why was he helping the Soviets in Red Alert?

I want the picture with like marx, engel, mao lined up but with kane from command and conquer added.

the thing about lavey is:
(1) he looked cool
(2) he verifiably fucked
(3) he made money out of the whole thing

so by his own standards he was eminently successful

Паркан: Хроника Империи/Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles (Windows 9x, 1997) #NotDOS
Parkan is essentially a Russian Wing Commander: Privateer with an additional element of planet colonizing, and first person 3D sections while docking ships or landing on planet bases. #RussianVideogames

i hate it when i visit russia and the ghost of communism microwaves my brain

Mister Tennis is a dude who comes in the parking lot of the credit union next door and practices tennis against the wall. He swears at strangers and keeps trying to befriend me

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Necropolis Online

The city of the dead, home of ghouls, skeletons, vampires, dark wizards and other creatures of the night. Image up there made by