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vtubers (virtual tubers) aka digital potatoes

The obsidian pyramid approaches, humming softly, casting a shadow on the city. Everyone feels its presence, the sound resonating even deep within the earth. Some things seem to make more sense sometimes, others have started to gather in the park and stare at the geometric shape and hum along.

a roundabout based city, like it's all interconnected rings

Imagine if you could mitosis yourself entirely. Like for a week you go into a cocoon and when you come out there's another human

heres a thing i made in 2016 divorced of its context

the philadelphia union is sponsored by Bimbo Bakeries and so their jerseys just say BIMBO real big across the front and, well, i think thats funny

I could be a mole, buried in my hole. No sunlight, people can't see me. Sniff sniff that's some nice dirt oh yes

holy shit

Armed Militants Burn Prison, Free 1,844 Prisoners, Bomb Police Headquarters in Owerri, Nigeria

"The militants used dynamite, heavy explosives and sophisticated guns during the attacks. The armed combatants also attacked the Police Station in Owerri, while firing consistently with AK-47 rifles and explosives, released some prisoners detained in the SCID cells and set ablaze many vehicles parked at the headquarters premises"

I still think about that guy in Halo 2 that says "Nay! It's heresy !"

"Forgive me daddy for I have sinned" just hits different

the most important phrase to learn in a new language is "oh yeah?" so you can pretend you're understanding things

all of humanity's earliest statuettes and 3D art objects are of androgynous furries and hyper-proportioned milfs. think about it

frotting the other alphas at the gym. like elk butting horns

lmfao I'm watching this fella play Cities Skyline and there was an empty lake bed on the map so he decided to dump the poop water in it and called it Lake #2

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Necropolis Online

The city of the dead, home of ghouls, skeletons, vampires, dark wizards and other creatures of the night. Image up there made by