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Hell yeah! The moon watches over this instance! (don't like that it's off center th)

Work annoyance 

"Hi team, I decided to take my vacation during the two weeks that I am on night support so someone will have to take them :)"

fuck off fuck off fuck off

The nekros cycle:

think of an idea
see something on the TL that's fun
ADHD power activate
What was I doing?

weed :cannabis_leaf: 

Ripping a big one, closing my eyes and seeing the PS2 Intro

Closing my eyes and seeing the Xbox classic opening that goes BwwWOM SHLOM WOOM WOOM WAWAWAWA WEEWAWA WOM WOM

Oh yeah it's Latveria...and its capital is Doomstadt. How imaginative.

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New type of guy who wants to recreate Indo-European and make it a universal language

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Necropolis Online

The city of the dead, home of ghouls, skeletons, vampires, dark wizards and other creatures of the night. Image up there made by