Software Inc. 

decided to start with an OS as a first product and the review was like "its an unkown company, it won't sell". Two in game months later I have 92 845 users who use my OS and I'm a millionaire lmfao

Magic-related, pls boost 

Does anyone know of any texts or books that discuss energy and the flow of energy, especially as it relates to breath?

Recommendations from any magical, spiritual, or philosophical traditions would be very much appreciated! I'm open to knowledge from a variety of sources c:

I'm just wearing black sweatpants right now and I feel like I'm Kylo Ren in that one scene

software inc. 

ironically enough, the UI of this game is terrible

Got software inc. and couldn't help but make an apple like corporation

My brain: haha games with number who goes up makes me shoot good juices

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Necropolis Online

The city of the dead, home of ghouls, skeletons, vampires, dark wizards and other creatures of the night. Image up there made by