This is Mariya Oktyabrskaya, she saved all her money (50,000 rubbles) and wrote to Stalin that she was giving that money to get a tank built to avenge her husband who died on the front. She asked that it be called "Fighting girlfriend" and that she wanted to drive it. Stalin wrote back granting her the request and she drove the tank in battle. She was known to get out of her tank in battle to repair it and continue fighting. A hero who fought against fascism.

There is a room within the necropolis, the gender room, where my own gender is contained. It is imprisoned in a floating dodecahedron, ooze spills out continuously and it requires a team of 20 of my best sorcerers to contain it.

In the year 2055, the government becomes public on the stock market

@robotcarsley which one are the tankies? The Human Hive? (they're described as authoritarian collectivists so I assume that's it. Just started reading about the factions)

@ChaosSkeleton a few things that make it stand out above others:
Fully modular units
Terraforming on both global and local scales (your workers can change the height of terrain, and later on you can convince other factions to cooperatively raise or lower sea level)
Excellent writing and voice work on all the flavor text for techs and wonders
The tankies are the strongest faction, and the capitalists are the weakest

@robotcarsley you can be TANKIES?!? Oh my wallet, oh no it fell from my pocket and onto this payment service to buy the game, oh no!!

@ItsMorgan I like it a lot when I tried it the first time but I ADHD'ed on another game and forgot PP existed lol

Tbh everytime I invent a dystopian police state in my mind, the police officers are always the Combine Cops from Half-Life 2

Reading this in the voice of the Combine Police officers from Half-Life 2

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