Just discovered who Zenobia is and if I ever have a second female cat this might be her name

@prehensile OMG I think I had those as a kid??? I remember having one where you had to escape a castle or something???

remember when i steal your bones that however sad it makes you to lose them, it makes me so very happy to have them

pol hot take 

liberals stop blaming conspiracy beliefs on mental ability challenge

some supposed leftists stop being friggin libs and look at the material conditions challenge

@swiff YES!!! Its one of the best worst dub, it has so many funny lines!!! During those times France was a MACHINE at dubbing and exporting animes (that's how to got here in Quebec, my parents watched some animes during their youth like Captain Harlock (VF Albator) and UFO Robot Grendizer (VF Goldorak). Until conservatives started to complain in the 2000's that japan was "invading their media culture" and kinda banned animes? Something like that.

@ChaosSkeleton oh my god no nothing to apologize for, I love this

and tbqh, I have No Choice But To Stan Satan Lil'Heart

I swear every anime french dub from the 80's and 90's sound like abridged youtube videos:


@swiff sorry I just like info dumping about the french dub because even as a kid I thought it sucked and prefered to watch the anglo-canadian version lmfao

@swiff Yeah lo, at least that was the initial plan, but then Toriyama changed his mind when he received backlash from fans. The lyrics also points to this by starting with "Dragon Boule Zed(zed Zed) the kind hearted San Gohan" and later on "His dad was WAS a hero, the great and valiant San Goku"

Also Piccolo is called "Satan Lil'Heart" in this dub for some reason.

chaos magic shitpost 

going into gnosis by using the feeling of finally pissing after containing it for too long

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