It's not a complicated meal, but for someone like me who hasn't really ever cooked aside of the same meal over and over, this is a new try. Spiced salmon with rice cooked in fine herbs broth with veggies.

AH! My instance is protected by the best of walls! The pleromans won't get in!


it's a bit tasteless and maybe there's too much mashed potatoes, but its a good first try.

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I'm still watching this Age Of Empire 2 tournament and there's a map with a dried up river that has some sploch of water here and there. The russian players built ports in the little water parts and somehow the ships can sail in the dried river bed??? This is such a big brain move and the casters are freaking out!

friday commission idea ; weed mention 

the picture should have this mood basically

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lol I deactivated all the Google shit on my phone and it made android real angry so I have these notifications up in permanence and android won't allow me to remove them

Every time we go down the stairs she rushes to watch us go down like this

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