Samuel Deats, the Netflix Castlevania director made this amazing art of Samus and I'm like :pleading_skull:

it's this guy, he has a text and seems to be reciting some dramatic piece...that includes monkey noises?

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Stellaris RP Lore 

Wrote this lore for my new species in Stellaris: The Necronomycon, space fungi hivemind. At first I was going for imperial necroids, but then I had an idea for a progenitor hivemind. Kept the necro theming tho, I might do my first idea later

For eons, we have existsed. First, we did not feel nor think. All we did was consume. As we did, we became bigger and stronger, developping new ways to expand. What started as small clusters of bursting fungi that ate biomass, soon grew into vast systems of myco-organs and even the ability to birth small drone creatures, forming them out of what we devoured. Our hunger only grew, until we ate so much that there was nothing left and we turned against ourselves in what has been called The Great Feast. That is when we learnt our greatest lesson: patience. A predator needs preys, so we started to care for the life that surrounded us, helped them feed and grow so that we too could. We retracted into the deepest recess of the planet, only sending our emissaries to satiate ourselves and bring back new forms of life to change our own shape into an ever greater form until the day we feasted upon one of the first sentient beings of this land. Suddenly, we stopped merely touching, hearing or acting; we started to feel, listen and plan.

We observed the anthropodes, shepherd them from the shadows and continued to feed on their bodies and minds, each victim giving us all of their memories and emotions. The more we ate, the more we wanted to feel it all. As the creatures went from cycles of greatness and decay, forgetting what once was, we remembered it all. And, once we felt they had fulfilled their use, we consumed them completly. From their flesh came the First Borns, who had the shape of the anthropodes so that we could satiate our new hunger: to devour the heavens.

I have no pants in this 

I am covered in doggo love

working vent 

Look at this shit. This is a so-called "vulnerability" that the SECOPS team told me was of the "highest priority" to solve. I manage command-line only linux servers.

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There you go, let's see how far I go with the Autokratoria Athanatos (undying empire) led by Basileus Selenos Protos Athanatos

alernate universe where Les Chevaliers D'Émeraude became an international success

whenever I don't feel like wearing my big cloak, I just use any cover around my home and put it over my shoulder

ok ok last post like this, but their first original faction was the Eternal Dynasty, which is Sengoku Era Japan inspired (I think). I really like
the tanks that look like warships which I forgot the name of.

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Oh shit they also did Space Skavens and a new faction of Jackal-Folks (there are no figurines for the Space-Skavens or Ratmen clans as they are called in OPR). I am slowly becoming OPR pilled lmfao

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also OPR started adding some of their own factions as well so they added space reptiles to their game (which is basically just the lizardfolks from warhammer:AoS but in space, they have another original faction tho) I really like the rocket crocodiles

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