me, an anime protagonist speaking to my foe: let's move to this empty field, this way it'll be easier on the animators.

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me, an anime protagonist speaking to an ally: watch out friend number 6! This rock isn't drawn the same way as the background! It's unstable!

me, an anime protagonist: Damn, I wish someone had a very detailed explanation about what just happened, including a useful power point presentation

very long anime joke sorry 

the dust is filling the battle field (which is an empty field with rock formations). Protagman stands there, breathless after delivering one of his best attacks. On the side, friends 1 to 4 are observing the fight with Master Sensei and so is Chūi, Antagosu's (the villain) right hand man, from another location.

Friend number 3: d-did he get him?

Protagman is shaking, both of exhaustion and anticipation. Suddenly, a cackle emerges from the cloud of dust. One by one in progressivly appearing panels, the allies gasp, Chūi smirks with arrogance. Antagosu's hulking body emerges from the dusty shadows, unscathed.

Protagman: B-But how?!? He couldn't possibly have avoided my Saigo No Blast!

Antagosu cackles once more, but softly.

Antagosu: You really thought you could get me that easy, huh? But you see, my occipital lobe is more developed than a normal human's.

Master Sensei gasps

Master Sensei: So...That's it...

Friend 2: What is it, Master Sensei?

Master Sensei: The occipital lobe is the visual center of the brain, more simply it is where the images we see are processed! Antagosu's being more develooped well...that would mean he can see more images per second! Maybe then he' can't be.

Friend 2: What is it?

Master Sensei: That'd means he's the legendary Keen Eyed One!

Protagman gasps, then his face contracts with anger when he recognized the name. Flashbacks appear with protagman's face overlayed semi transparent to them. The flashbacks picture his grand parent, in a fight to the death with a mysterious figure. As the parental figure is struck down, the figure is revealed to be Antagosu.

@ChaosSkeleton this next flagstone isn't part of the background matte, better tread carefu~

@ChaosSkeleton i shall raise the handle of my sword ominously, covering half my face so they don't have to key out and lip synch all this dialogue

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