here are all the true facts I know about the US:

- Portland is a city that exists simultaneously at three different locations, but you never know where

- There's no cities in Texas, it's just Texas.

- California, especially the golden gate bridge, is constantly being destroyed by aliens or monsters or Magneto.

- the US has it's own moon and its fake

- George Washington cut down a cherry tree once and that's why Washington D.C stands for Washington District of Cherries

- the heartland is full of violent groups of armed horses on motor bikes

- there is one man in Florida, he is unstoppable.

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@ChaosSkeleton these are all true, except there is one city in Texas: Texas City, or Ciudad de Texas. it's on the border

@ChaosSkeleton as someone born and raised in the US I can confirm that all of these are true.

@ChaosSkeleton Yes another one that you may enjoy. Minneapolis and St. Paul are called the "Twin Cities" because they are completely identical. Whatever is built in one city mysteriously appears mirrored in the other. Thank you friend.

@ChaosSkeleton north Dakota and south Dakota are each entirely empty except for one resident, whose name is Dakota. One only lies and the other only tells the truth.

The Florida one is false. Florida Man is a twin. They are both unstoppable.

@ChaosSkeleton gods I wish the hellhole I live in was this interesting.

Portland is, in fact, just around the corner, 3000km away, and at the bottom of the ocean tho. That one's true.

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