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You might have known me as Nekros before, I changed my name to Selenos. Please refer to as that from now on

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PINNED: remember to read all of my posts in the voice of Vincent Price

this episode of MST3K is a movie about wizards and there's awesome fights with shitty 60's effects

Me: I don't feel Titan Quest

Also me: I will continue to play Titan Quest

mmmm not feeling Titan Quest that much. Maybe I'll play path of Exile

What's a good game with an interesting magic system, but not a turn based rpg

good content as always

(cw for vaguely horny art, but no more horny than that meme of the tall lady picking up the shorter lady)

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ok ok, the esperanto ragging was fun and all. Now let's do Lojban next

Damn, I'm holding all this language. WOuld be a shame if I were to trip and confuse it

hello, batman? i'd like to go out to dinner and catch a movie with you.

Paĉjo Zamenhof, kiam komenciĝas la forceda esperantiĝado?

(good luck using google translate on that one)

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