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Introduction post redux 

Avast, stranger! I am Nεkrόs, a Lich Magus who resides in the Necropolis and a worshiper of the Moon, Sun and Earth. I oft speak of my workings of the occult arts, the intricacies of languages and of my affiliation to anarchism, its ideas and philosophy. I also simply discuss my life and share things that I find amusing. As my form is that of an immortal skeletal being, I refuse binary pronouns and wish to be addressed with they/them.

ref by @shade

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PINNED: remember to read all of my posts in the voice of Vincent Price

i am now a redroom mod, all redroom users must donate one (1) of their bones to me each week if they don't want to be suspended

I just wanted to show off my castle :( it was super well organized imo

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I just lost an entire game of Stronghold: Crusader Extreme because I wanted to take a screenshot of my castle and apparently that's a nono in this game.

Huge Sharp Many, Many Rows of Teeth (hell yeah)

Nous sommes aujourd’hui le Quartidi 14 Ventôse de l’an CCXXIX (229)
Nous célébrons le Vélar

They called it bitcoin, but their bit has been lasting a long time...

But also I like my weird fedi game idea. It's like those simulated UN thing you sometimes see in TV shows

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Maybe I should just get Rome: Imperator instead of creating this weird complicated fedi game

Roman senate LARPing instance idea 2 

- Every senator has a character sheet with stats like military prowess, oratory skills, influence score, etc.
- Senators can use influence points to start rumors, assassination plots, uprisings, etc.
-Influence is gained by being succesful in military campaigns, passing laws that pleases certain groups, spending on public works, etc.

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