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I've been trying to rewrite an intro post for a month now and I can't come up with anything. So here's my ref. Also hi, I'm Selenos O Athanatos, a queer enby skeletal lich from so called "Québec". My politics are Big Communism, especially of the Lenin kind.

pronouns they/them or if you are fancy you can use Os/Ossem
...Ok, bye.
( ref by @ shade @ )

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Selenos learns mandarin 

lmfao I was doing a character exercise and I correctly guessed one of them (or maybe unconsciously remembered *xfiles music*)

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"Unless you have investigated a problem, you will be deprived of the right to speak on it. Isn't that too harsh? Not in the least. When you have not probed into a problem, into the present facts and its past history, and know nothing of its essentials, whatever you say about it will undoubtedly be nonsense. Talking nonsense solves no problems, as everyone knows, so why is it unjust to deprive you of the right to speak?
It won't do!
It won't do!
You must investigate!
You must not talk nonsense!"

Mao Zedong, Oppose Book Worship

Total War: Shogun 2 

I saw a video that was like "just get a lot of Yari Ashigaru and put them in lance wall formation you'll win" and its true lol.

Hell's Gate space station for In Golden Flame.
Once a powerhouse of galactic industry, now a home to many people just trying to find refuge in the darkest corner of space
#lancerrpg #ttrpg #art #creativetoots #MastoArt

my onlyfans *is* feralfemboy but that doesnt have anything to do with this

My new bit where I'm Gossamer from Looney Tunes is really tickling my funny bone

My perversion is such that I would speak french on the TimeLine™️

Ce n'est pas tout le monde qui mange son yaourt de la même manière.

Me, seeing someone surge out of a doorway: what surgery is this?

I like muscular bunny boys as much as k love soft bunny boys

spoon accidentally spray in face... such fond memories

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